Mitzvah Crowd Surfing Pics @Hilton Short Hills
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Mitzvah Crowd Surfing Pics @Hilton Short Hills

Hilton Short Hill Bar Mitzvah Photographer

I love photographing bat and bat mitzvahs at the Hilton Short Hills. The ballroom is spacious with room for a very large dance floor which allow for a giant hora and some pretty great crowd-surfing action as you can see in this picture.

The Hilton Short Hills also has a variety of wonderful spots for making pre-party family portraits. Just the elegant lobby alone provides serval options for large and small group and there are even a few outdoor spots that can used to great advantage.

As your photographer I'll be completely dedicated to creating an incredible experience for your family - to adding to the enjoyment of your entire mitzvah weekend- and to creating heartbreakingly beautiful images of your family.

I hope to create photographs that bring tears to your eyes (if you’re the crying type). I'll go well beyond the expected and obvious photos to capture expressions, gestures and moments of interaction that you never noticed.

And of course I'll create beautifully lit, gorgeous posed family portraits worthy of your mantelpiece - and grandma’s coffee table.

I'll disappear into the crowd at the party - you may not even notice me very much - but I'll always seem to be there at just the right moment.

If you are planning to celebrate your son's or daughter's bar or bat mitzvah at the Hilton Short Hills, I'd love to speak with you about being your mitzvah photographer.

Location: 41 John F Kennedy Pkwy, Short Hills, NJ 07078.

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