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Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Photography
Best Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photography
Pre-Mitzvah Shoot - Randolph New Jersey
Pre-Bat Mitzvah Portraits
Top NJ and NYC Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
Beach Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Shoot
Pre-Mitzvah Shoot: Black & White
Pre-Bat Mitzvah Portrait Shoot: NYC
Bat Mitzvah Photographer: Summit NJ
Bat Mitzvah Photographer - Pre-Mitzvah Shoot - NJ
Best Rye Brook Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Bat Mitzvah Photographer - Springfield NJ
Top Livingston Bat Mitzvah
Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Session
Top Bar Mitzvah Photographer Millburn NJ
Pre-Mitzvah Portrait: Party Dress + Brick Wall
Best Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
Pre-Mitzvah Shoot in Liberty State Park
Short Hills Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
Bat Mitzvah Pre-Shoot Photographer
 Urban Pre-Bat Mitzvah Portrait Shoot in Hoboken NJ
Pre-Mitzvah Shoot: Vintage Baseball Style
NYC and NJ Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
Candid Pre-MItzvah Photography
Bar Mitzvah Photographer: Glen Rock NJ
North Jersey Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Bar Mitzvah Photographer Baseball Pre-Mitzvah Portraits
Pre-Bat Mitzvah Fashion Shoot Photographer in Tenafly
Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Fashion Shoot Photography NJ
Bar Mitzvah Photographer - Scotch Plains
Pre-Bat Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photography
Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Photography in New York City & NJ
Top Springfield Mitzvah Photographer
Urban Chic Pre-Mitzvah Shoot - NYC Mitzvah Photographer
Best Montclair Bar Mitzvah Photographer
Best Pre-Mitzvah Portrait Photographer North Caldwell
Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photographer NJ
Best Mitzvah Photographer Pre-Mitzvah Shoot
Bat Mitzvah Photographer - Pre-Mitzvah Fashion Shoot
South Orange Pre-Bar Mitzvah Portrait Photographer
NYC Bat Mitzvah Photographer Nolita Pre-Mitzvah Shoot
Creative Pre-Mitzvah Portrait

Pre-Mitzvah Portraits

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the results of some of my pre-mitzvah photo shoots. These casual, usually on-location portrait shoots give the bat mitzvah girl or bar mitzvah boy the chance to just be themselves and allow me to create some genuine, authentic portrait images. Some of the images are more dramatic, some are fun and even silly. We get to spend some relaxed time together so they can get to know me, which makes them more relaxed when the big day arrives. If you're ready to explore further, why not take a look at my Synagogue Portraits or my Mitzvah Party Photographs.

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