Ira Casel Photography

Why Should You Hire Me?

I understand how important your child’s bar or bat mitzvah is to you. My children's mitzvahs were two of the most joyous and meaningful days of my life. I’ll do everything possible to ensure you are able to take the greatest pleasure in your celebration.

I promise that no photographer will work harder for you and your family. I'll be completely attentive to you throughout the entire process. I'll always be available to you, even on nights and weekends a year away from the big day. I'll be happy to answer questions or offer advice.

During your mitzvah party, you’ll rarely see me sit down. I'll blend seamlessly into the party, dressed like a guest and always observing and anticipating. Most likely you'll find that you don’t really notice me at all, except when you're wishing I was there to capture something. And at that moment I’ll be right there, because I noticed what was happening and made my way over to you.

I'll always strive to make things lighthearted, easy and fun. Planning and hosting a bar/bat mitzvah can be stressful and I'm eager to help minimize any difficulties that arise along the way. Whether grandparents show up late for family portraits, someone forgot the tallit at home, the weather’s not cooperating or the spot you wanted to use for pre-party portraits isn’t available, it won’t matter. I’ll tell you not to worry and just make it happen. I’ll be there for you and will handle whatever comes up. We’ll still make beautiful, emotional, dramatic pictures that will make you feel the love and joy that you felt on your child's mitzvah day.

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