Ira Casel Photography
NJ Industrial Photography - Schott Jackets
Photographer for Entrepreneurs in Maplewood
Healthcare photographer - NY Presbyterian Children's
Restaurant Photographer - Maplewood Able Baker
Restaurant photographer in New Jersey
Healthcare photographer for medical practices in NJ
New Jersey and NYC Industrial Photographer
Photography for Artisanal Makers
Manufacturing Photography
Special Needs Education Photographer NJ
Children's Hospital Photographer
Photographer for Healthcare Organizations
Education Photographer - Golda Och West Orange
Food business photographer NJ
NYC children's healthcare photography
Photographer for Artisanal Factory Businesses
Photographer for special needs school web site NJ
Photographer for Sartorial Clothing Brands
Photographer for Artisanal Clothing Brands
Photographer for Healthcare Practices
Photographer for Makers and Baker - Brooklyn and Beyond
Photographer for independent, artisanal businesses.
Photographer for Neighborhood Businesses+Entrepreneurs
Education Photographer - Private School
Industrial photographer in northern New Jersey
New Jersey industrial photography
Education Photographer
Corporate Photographer for Private Schools
Photography of Americans at Work - NJ-NYC
Industrial Photographer - Schott NYC
Healthcare photographer - Komansky Children's
Education Photographer NJ
Corporate Industrial Photographer NJ-NYC
Photographer for Small Businesses - Maplewood NJ
Kids Lifestyle Photographer - Healthcare
Lifestyle Photographer - Education
Photograph of doctor-patient interaction
Healthcare Photography - NICU Babies
Photographer for Artisanal Businesses
Healthcare photography - sleep clinic
Photographer for apparel manufacturing
Photographer for Schools and Camps
NICU photographer
Restaurant Photography - The Able Baker Maplewood
Photographer for Manufacturing Companies
Children's Healthcare Photographer in New York City
Photographer for neonatal ICU
Corporate and Education Photographer NJ
Hospital photographer - NYP Komansky Children's
Education Photographer - Golda Och Academy
Special Needs School Photographer NJ
Special Needs Photography NJ-NYC
New Jersey Industrial Photographer
NYC Children's Healthcare Photographer (NJ too)
Photos of teacher-student interaction
Photographer for local food businesses in New Jersey
New Jersey Education Photographer
Industrial and manufacturing photography in New Jersey
Education Photographer Special Needs Horizon School
NJ Restaurant Photographer - Able Baker
Industrial Photographer - Clothing Manufacturing
Award-Winning Children's Healthcare Photographer
Photography for private school web site
Retail and Personal Branding Photographer in New Jersey
Healthcare photographer - NYP Komansky Children's
Hospital Photographer
Corporate narrative photography
Photographer for industrial companies' websites
Special needs education photography
Fashion Manufacturing Photography NYC-NJ
Education photographer for special needs schools in NJ
Photographer for leather goods manufacturer
Photographer for makers Maplewood New Jersey
Industrial photographer - New Jersey manufacturing
American Manufacturing Photographer
Website photographer for family owned business in NJ
Photographer for Private School Image Libaries
Children's Hospital Photographer NJ-NYC
Retail Food Photographer - The Able Baker Maplewood
Photographer for fashion manufacturing NYC/NJ
Kids' Healthcare Photographer
Healthcare Photography - Diabetes Education
Restaurant Photographer
Photographer for private school websites
NJ Industrial and Manufacturing Photographer
New Jersey Food Business Photographer
Photography of People at Work in America
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Corporate Photography

As a corporate photographer working in New Jersey and New York, I️ specialize in capturing the emotion, human interactions and rich detail that bring dimension to the story of an organization. Most of my corporate work is with healthcare, education/special needs, retail and industrial clients.

If you're looking for a corporate photographer who really listens and whose work will exceed your expectations of what you might get from corporate photography, please get in touch.

You can reach me today at or

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