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Tenafly Bat Mitzvah Photographer

I have been photographing bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs since 2009 and this image has remained one of my favorite mitzvah pictures. The image was made at Temple Sinai of Bergen County in Tenafly, NJ.

I had taken the family outside the synagogue to make some more casual images after we completed our portraits in sanctuary. We had already made quite a few posed portraits of various family groups - things like father/daughter, mother/daughter, the three kids together, the parents by themselves.

By this point, the bat mitzvah girl's father started goofing around and teasing his younger daughter in a fairly good-natured way. She then tried to grab his car keys (I don't really know why since she was four years or so from having a driver's license) but he was able to snatch them out of her hand. I'm not sure what he then said but the look on her face says it all - complete horror. This indignant seventh-grader was having none of her father's nonsense. I'm sure this look will be familiar to many of those who have kids around this age, or whose daughters already have move through the bat mitzvah season and their middle school years.

Location: 1 Engle St, Tenafly, NJ 07670.

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